Any time we are touching feet, all work is by appointment only. Thank you!

Boot Fitting Services
Custom Boot Fitting

By appointment. It’s the only kind (custom) we do! After all, nobody has feet quite like yours! We allow 2 hrs. per appointment, 3 hrs. for couples. It often takes less time but the allotted time is yours and you’ll leave with your new boots!

Click here for a demonstration of our bootfitting process.

Needs Assessment for Ski Boots (New or used)

No charge! By appointment only. Takes 5-10 minutes. You’ll know exactly what’s going on with your feet and boots and what we would do to help, or what we would do in the way of a new boot for you. Unless previously arranged, a follow-up appointment for any actual fitting will be necessary.

Custom Ski Boot Fitting of your old or new ski or snowboard boots not purchased from Ski Net Sports .
The following applies as well to Ice, Hockey and Inline Skates, Mountaineering and Hiking boots, Biking and Running shoes. By Appointment only. An assessment will be made to determine if the boots are the proper boot for you and your feet. If they are not, you’ll know why. Any boot we work on must have an orthotic that does what orthotics are designed to do in ski boots….keep your feet still. If you don’t have an effective orthotic, we will make one for you. A properly done orthotic will solve about 90 percent of all ski boot fitting problems. If we have to continue beyond this point, there will be a “bench time” charge as well as charges for shell modification. Slight liner modifications are included in the “bench time” fee.

Foam Liners

Conform’able injection foam liners to replace your old, worn-out liners or to simply enhance the performance of your existing ski boots. This is a very aggressive fit (if done properly) and not for everyone. Foam liners tend to be not particularly warm and boot heaters are often recommended. All foam liners require an orthotic. Again, by appointment only.

Intuition Liners

Intuition liners come in several types; Ski Boots (men’s and women’s), Touring Boots, and Expedition Boots. These fully thermo-moldable liners are the perfect replacement solution to the boot shell you love or are the perfect solution for hard-to-fit feet. This closed cell foam liner is very similar to materials used in wetsuits helping to eliminate cold feet. Heated to around 200*F, they mold to the shape of your feet and to the inside of your boot shell.

Boot Heater Installation

Cold feet? “Hotronic Foot Warmers” keep your feet warm in the coldest conditions. Two capacities of electronic heat to keep your feet warm or warmer! Each with 4 settings to control the time and amount of heat you enjoy inside your ski boots. The heating element is installed under the toes and is virtually undetectable. Easy access to the battery controls, mounted to the side of your ski boots. Helps avoid that chair slamming into the back of the boots and breaking the battery pack. Powered by high capacity batteries, developed specifically for cold temperature operations. Advanced charging technology with overcharge protection.

Stance Balance and Alignment

The single, most effective, way to improve your skiing immediately! We utilize a Campbell Balancer to establish exactly where your balance point is…fore-aft and lateral-medial. This will allow us to modify your boots with a combination of planing and/or lifts to help you equally access your skis’ tips and tails and inside and outside edges.

Heel and/or Toe Lifter Plates

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood of all ski boot adjustments and the effects thereof. Used properly, lifts can be used to correct LLD (leg Length Discrepancy), increase leverage to get skis up on edge and (sometimes with toe lifts) promote proper skeletal “stacking” to help you keep your weight forward, at the same time giving your quads a rest.

Boot Shell Work

Make room for those bunions and ankles or just eliminate some hot spots for a skosh more comfort, maybe a bit more big toe space or little toe space. It’s important that your boots are not too large to begin with as making them roomier will only make the problem worse. Again, effective Orthotic required.

Boot Liner Work

Big calves? Massive calves? Ask about our “Calfectomy”. High instep? Boots feel a bit short in the toes? Shin band? The answer might be as simple as a liner modification.

Certified Binding Work

Inspection & testing
Mounting (new)
Remounting (used)
Ski Work

Ski Tuning

Waxing (basic, performance and race day)
Edge polishing (makes ’em go a lot faster)
Stone grinding (ditto)
Base structure (double ditto)
Edge replacement
Base welding and patching
Pole Cutting & Sizing

Instruction and Demos

Ski Demos
Evaluation (we size ’em up for you)
Equipment leasing (new skis, boots, bindings, and poles- keep ’em all season!)