I just got back from a week of skiing at Mammoth Mountain with the brand-new custom fitted boots you built for me, the parabolic skis you recommended, and oh yes, the very trick Leki ski poles with the really cool method to attach to them – quick off the lifts and skiing. I skied 5 days straight from when the lifts opened until they kicked me off the slopes. The boots were amazing. I’ve never been so comfortable – without soreness or fatigue all week. To say they fit like a glove is an understatement. I really can’t believe what a difference they made. I wish I’d come to your way sooner. I commend you on your outstanding workmanship. And the entire process was fun as was your crew. The donuts were a nice touch. I greatly appreciate you teaching me how to correctly put the boots on as well – since I’ve been doing it less optimally forever. With your technique I had them dialed in from the beginning without any adjustments throughout the day (not typical in the past). Back on the great pair of skis you choose for me… Since the boot fitting was so perfect I knew you’d pick me out the right pair. I’ve got to say all I had to do was get my weight on the balls of my feet and just follow my skis. They just carved and put me in control the whole time. The combination improved my skiing ability what felt like 10 times. I recommended you all over the mountain!!


Thank you again.
Your customer for life.

Keith D.
Dana Point.

Hi Claude,

I hope that you are having a good week! I wanted to let you know that I LOVE the new Salomon X-Pro 120’s! I was up in Big Bear this weekend and their performance FAR exceeded my expectations. They were unbelievably comfortable and I could immediately feel an improvement in my ability. I can’t wait to get up Mammoth at the end of this Month to pair them with some Mantra Demos! Thanks again for everything. I am looking very forward to being in touch after my Mammoth Trip about purchasing your pair of Mantras that are in your garage (assuming that offer still stands) :). Thanks again for everything.


Evan L.
West Hollywood

I wanted to express my sincere thank you for taking such good care of both my wife P… and my brother-in-law, S….. They are both thrilled with their new equipment. I can hardly wait to take out my new sticks for a test drive!
I spoke with Lori, Sean and Paige H….. on how they liked their new ski boots. They just returned from their skiing sojourn in Zermatt. They all raved as to how fabulous their boots fit. All three said that they have never worn boots that fit so perfect. Made all the difference and cursed that they put up with lousy fitting boots for so many years!!! Great job sir!!!

Thanks again…


PS: Please let me know when I can pick up my new Mantra’s!!!!
Thomas H.
City of Industry,

I rarely write reviews, as so much hyperbole is thrown around these days … but, Claude and the gang at Ski Net Sports are princes among men.  The man knows his stuff when it comes to custom fitting YOUR foot to the RIGHT boot for you.  I’ve never had a boot fit me in almost 40 years like mine do now after visiting him.  His attention to every detail and service is a throwback to the old days when customer service meant something.  I would have paid twice what I did and walked out of the store with a grin like I stole something.  Also, they schedule a ski day with all their customers twice a month; because once you go there you are family … who does that?  If you live anywhere near Southern California, you owe it to your feet to visit him

A nationally recognized boot fitting and alignment specialist. I took my 16 year-old daughter to see Claude for custom footbeds and alignment. He spent about two hours with us and was happy to explain every step of the process. His web site also has a nice series of photos and descriptions of each steps.

G.Law above mentioned Claude at Ski Net (see his post for info) Just thought I would add my 2 cents. I used to work at a ski shop for 2 years, and they did boot fitting. But not like Claude!! This guy is an artist. Highly reccomend him. He does more than just make a foot bed, he determines the best boot for your foot, ski style, weight, ski level, experience, and more. Trust me, most ski shops sell you what they want to sell you, or don’t truly know how to size a boot to your foot. Claude does.

Claude is incredible. At the recommendation of my sister (she’s a top notch expert), I went in to pick up a new pair of boots. I’ve had problems in the past finding just the right pair, mostly due to the fact I have size 12 1/2 feet with high arches. So the constant annoyance of ill fitting boots has really held back my skiing. So I went to see Claude and was thoroughly impressed. He knows what boots will fit different shapes of feet, takes the time to make sure everything is JUST right, and his footbeds rock. He takes the time to explain how a boot should fit your foot and so you leave not just with a killer set of boots but also with the knowledge of exactly how they should feel. I can’t tell you how important this is. The result was the most incredible year of skiing I ever had. I never had to worry about my feet moving around or my toes getting pinched. And the end result was that I could feel everything going on in the ski and really fine tune my skiing. It just openned up so much terrain for me.

Have been in twice so far and am totally impressed!! Even the guys at ValSurf down the road said “Hey, go meet Claude at Skinet.” So far I’ve purchased last seasons Salomons (for 1/3 of the original price) and have had my footbeds made so there’s work yet to be done. I am more than confident in Claude’s work and feel very lucky that there is a place in LA like this!!

I drove 2 hours out of my way to visit Claude as I heard about him on as one of the premier boot fitters on the western US coast.  Well… its all true.  Claude and Ian were very helpful and it was apparent to me this is an art form for them and they are very passionate about being good and taking their time.  My boot fitting took 2 hours.  Sure you can go to sports chalet and have some 22 year old kid who has three days of skiing under his belt put some boots on you that feel “cumfy” only to find out you are totally in the wrong size boot (thats why its cumfy!).  It isn’t more expensive, its just better.  Support your local small business who is passionate about his craft.

My wife and I each have bought ski boots with custom orthotics from Claude, and he knows his stuff.  You will get the best experience if you speak up, tell him exactly how the fitting feels, follow his instructions and don’t be shy about going back for adjustments.  For me, my boots felt uncomfortable (very tight) at first, but then I also started skiing BETTER than I ever had before – true performance improvements.

Claude and Ian give great customer service; they are always accommodating and helpful, but they don’t suffer fools.

Side note:  they offer a really good junior rentals program by the season; if your kids ski more than 2 weekends a year, then season rentals are the way to go – and you can switch out boots, poles and skis as necessary without extra charge. Saves a ton of hassles renting for each trip.

I have been going to Claude since he opened up Ski Net in 1995 when it was half of a small store to now, a full service ski store. Having been in ski retail for several years and being on ski patrol in Tahoe currently, I am pretty particular and I can choose where to buy and get my gear serviced. I go to Claude for 2 reasons – he knows his stuff and the work is top notch.  His lieutenant, Ian, has been with him now for close to 10 yrs now and also knows his stuff.

Is Ski Net cheap, no.  Is the work worth it, totally.  When I found that Rossi race boots fit me perfectly, it was a fast fit w Claude and life was carefree.  When Rossis changed their molds, I find myself spending a bit more time w Claude now.  This is what skiing is about when you want your boots to work for you.  On the other end of the spectrum, Claude is infinitely patient when I’ve bought lower end skis and boots for beginning skiers. As always, be honest about what you want and be open to what you actually need.

Claude is a professional bootfitter who stands behind his work – you don’t get that at a giganto store.  I am just happy to have a place like Ski Net in Socal!

Expensive?  Yes.  Time consuming?  Yes.  Results in an incredibly close fitting boot that has been customized to my foot?  Yes.  Would I go back there for my next boots?  Yes!  Claude may come across as a bit arrogant, I didn’t take it that way, he’s just super-knowledgeable about his craft.  The way he fits your boots will result in a complete immobilization of your foot (which is the goal) and many skiers are not familiar with that type of close fit.  I’m an expert skier, I’ve been on skis over 40 years, I lived in Colorado ski towns, etc. and the boots I got from him are the best I’ve ever had.  Besides, they are guaranteed to fit!

I was doubtful that I would find a good boot fitter in LA, but Claude came highly recommended and I’m definitely glad I went to him.  I really appreciated the personal attention from both him and his staff.  In fact he prides himself on the personal attention he gives customers and keeps his store small on purpose to preserve this atmosphere.  He said he would get nervous if he had 3 customers in his store at once.

Claude is definitely a master craftsman when it comes to fitting, doing all of the work himself.  Bring your shorts and socks and follow his instructions.  2 hours of measuring and molding later and you will have an awesome pair of boots!  I couldn’t believe the fit when I tried my boots on!  Keep in mind its expensive, but well worth it since your boot is critical part of your gear.

My husband has had the most difficult time finding boots that don’t hurt the back of his legs after one day.  He usually can’t ski after the first day due to the pain.  After some internet research, I found Ski Net Sports.  We just came back from a 2 hours session with Claude.  He custom made orthotics, adjusted and fit a pair of boots that my husband is comfortable in.  Not only was Claude very patient and methodical, he was also a wealth of information; the mechanics of the foot, proper way to put boots on, & the mechanics of ski boots themselves.

The price may seem steep, but not compared to the expertise, the amount of time and effort put in by Claude and his staff to make sure the boots fit properly.  If you want cheap, then don’t go here because you’re not the type of person that values good service & knowledge and is willing to pay for it.  You will not get this type of service at any of the big stores.
I am going to get my boots there next.  Price of custom made orthotic: $200, ski boots:  $600+.

As a long time skier and mother of a skiing family, I have nothing to say but great things for this store and staff. Claude has fit our entire family and extended family with boots and skis. He is an excellent boot fitter and can recommend what is best for each skier in regards to the type of skis to be on. If one wants to take skiing to the next level, then this is the store for you-one gets what they pay for-excellent service and product.

Boot wimps or ( wimps in general)  need not heed this review.

Absolutely the best technical ski shop in So. Cal.  These guys may not be for everybody, but this is a “no BS” SKI shop.

Hi Claude –

In the final analysis the new boots fit perfectly!  After talking with you Thursday morning, I loosened the buckles, and started skiing.  No pain! Even the issue along the outside of my right foot evaporated. I think that while testing them in our living room, I felt they were too loose when  compared to my old boot buckle pressure, so I inadvertently tightened them up a bit far.  The first two runs at Mammoth bordered on the excruciating.  But once loosened, comfort and support returned in a big way.  A few half turns here and there, and I enjoyed great day skiing.   My orthopod had given me a shot of “the clear” in each knee the previous Thursday, so for the first time in a number of years I skied in total comfort.

Take care and thanks for everything,


PS.  The Cinnamon Bear is awesome!